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Agencies in government sector services at the federal, state, or municipal level. Demand for government services is driven by population growth and changing demographics of the population. Major government services include creating and enforcing policies and laws, providing public services, building and maintaining infrastructure and providing public safety while the federal government provides for national defense.

How Greycell can help?

Greycell can help build improved transparency, accountability and security into government process workflows through process automation and real time information sharing among various stakeholders..

Segments/Areas Of Expertise:

  • Citizen Services
  • Commerce
  • Disaster Management
  • Federal Agencies
  • Health/Human Services
  • Housing & Urban
  • Infrastructure
  • Justice (Courts & Legal services)
  • Military/Defense & Security
  • Public Infrastructure
  • Public Transit
  • Public Education
  • Public Healthcare
  • Revenue and Taxation
  • Social Development
  • State Agencies
  • Treasury


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