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The global energy markets are changing; recession and tighter credit controls have hit the top-line and bottom-line of most of the energy, resources and utilities organizations across the globe. This is forcing them to resort to tighter cost controls and better asset utilization levels. Stringent norms and compliances are compelling companies to go for greener initiatives and smarter processes. Organizations increasingly want to reduce operational costs, invest in process improvement, optimally utilize existing capacity and increase efficiencies.

How Greycell can help you?

Greycell helps energy and utility organizations optimize their business processes and IT solutions to address operational, commercial, and energy management challenges while allowing them to focus on gaining competitive advantage.

We partner with you for greater efficiency on all fronts, from streamlining supply chains and optimizing asset utilization to improving customer care and complying with regulations. Our solutions cater to the entire value chain. Greycell energy and utilities service is built on trust and has grown with the challenges faced by this industry. We help organizations reduce operational costs, improve process, optimally utilize existing capacity and increase efficiencies. We provide end-to-end IT services, solutions and consulting to organizations globally to address their business needs and help them become agile, resilient and proactive.

Areas Of Expertise

  • Energy Generation & Trading
  • Operations Management
  • Exploration & Production
  • Asset Maintenance & Operations
  • Customer Service & Billing
  • Transmission & Distribution
  • Analytics, Business Intelligence & Reporting
  • Smart Grid
  • Big Data Analytics & Mobility
  • SAP, Oracle Implementation & Maintenance


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